Privacy Policy

Your information is yours, and yours to decide what to do with.

Your data is yours, and yours alone!  Your data  is not sent, shared, or otherwise distributed by the blueskyme app. blueskyme does not collect any data from you on behalf of any 3rd party, internet servers or services, or otherwise. blueskyme is a an app that lives entirely on your device.

When you connect to Google services your contacts, events, tasks and task lists, and email from your inbox will be synchronised to blueskyme. All the information is used by you and only you, the user, in the blueskyme app. blueskyme does not automatically forward, share, or in any other way move this information off of your device.

The blueskyme privacy policy is to never move your information off your device unless you decide to do so through a blueskyme feature created for your convenience.

Contact Information

Blueskyme syncs your Contacts from the Google Contacts service, and continuously keep Google Contacts synchronised as you update your contacts’ information in the blueskyme app.

Within the blueskyme app you can link emails, tasks, projects and more to your contacts. This information stays on your device and is not synchronised with Google (for the simple reason that Google does not provide a place to store this data for you).

Your contacts’ information remains in blueskyme until you chose to delete it. No information is sent anywhere by automatic means, no statistics are collected and shared, and all your data remains on your device.

Calendar Events

Blueskyme allows you to import your meetings and appointments from the Google Calendar services into blueskyme, and continuously synchronizes events between blueskyme and Google Calendar. Blueskyme stores this information for your use within the app. However, blueskyme does not send this data anywhere or share this data with anyone, nor does it collect any statistics about your data.

blueskyme attempts to link Events synchronised from the Google Calendar service to your contacts to provide you a convenient view of all Activities you have with the contact person.

To share your calendar events you can chose to do so yourself by inviting others to your meeting in blueskyme and invite to a meeting as from any other calendar app. The invite will be sent from Google Calendar as it normally would when you book a meeting directly on the Google Calendar service.


Blueskyme allows you to synchronise your tasks and task lists from the Google Tasks service.  blueskyme then continuously synchronises the data with the Google Tasks service. blueskyme stores this information within the blueskyme app. You will find your tasks from Google Tasks service as Activities and your Task Lists as Projects within blueskyme. However, blueskyme does not send your data anywhere or share with anyone any of your data or any statistics about your data.

You, the user, can chose to add participants to your Activities and Projects and this information remain inside of blueskyme on your device (for the simple reason that Google Tasks services do not provide any facility to store this data).


blueskyme synchronises emails from your Google inbox (GMail or Inbox by Google for example) and stores them on your device. Any emails you create within the blueskyme app will be sent to the recipients via the Google Email service. These features work just like other normal email clients. The email itself is also stored in blueskyme on your device to allow you overview of conversations with people you interact with.

blueskyme may ask for access to your Photos as it is an option for you to add attachments to your email.

No emails or email statistics are sent anywhere outside the app. How you use blueskyme is your business, and not shared with anyone else.

Geolocation Information

When you use the map features in blueskyme the iOS and Android operating systems will ask you to give blueskyme permission to use your location. This allows blueskyme to show your location to you on the map. Your location information is not stored or sent anywhere by blueskyme.

Website & Support


If you sign up for the blueskyme newsletter the email address you entered is stored with Mailchimp and used to send you information about the blueskyme application. The blueskyme team does not use that email address for anything else than the stated purpose of keeping you informed. Nor is it shared with anyone else.

Support Requests

To improve your experiences with blueskyme we also provide an email service and a web site. Contacting the blueskyme support team through these means will create a record of your request in the CRM system provided by The blueskyme support team uses to manage all user requests. Upon receiving your email or request through the support web site, the contact information necessary to respond to you is stored in However, the blueskyme support team does not send or share any of this information to anyone else for any other purpose.

Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest

If you interact with the blueskyme team on the above listed social media sites your information remains there as per the social media company’s policies.

As blueskyme is frequently contacted on Facebook and Twitter the CRM system from is used to manage these dialogs. Any information you send to blueskyme on Twitter and Facebook is stored there. blueskyme does not use this information for any other purpose than holding the dialog with you and assist you in our best possible manner. Upon your request to all information will be deleted, including your contact information and the conversation held through social media or email.

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